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Improving Local Infrastructure

Transport Hub

Twyford will soon host the only Elizabeth Line station in Wokingham Borough. The Elizabeth Line will increase the capacity for rail travel, for the first time providing direct services to central London and beyond.

However, Twyford station is not due to receive any significant investment or upgrade to cope with the likely increased passenger demand.

Twyford Gardens would provide a new railway station for the borough. This would be an additional stop for both Elizabeth Line and Great Western Railway services with up to 8 services per hour as well as an interchange for local buses.

A new station would relieve pressure on facilities and car parking at the existing Twyford station, which would continue to operate alongside the new station.

Henley branch line services, which terminate at Twyford existing station, would be unaffected.

Berkeley has undertaken feasibility work with rail experts, SLC Rail and Systra, to show:

  • the new station could be successfully included within the train timetable without detriment to existing services.
  • it would be possible in engineering terms to locate a new 4 platform station near to a widened Waltham Road bridge; Ruscombe junction, which is a key piece of nearby rail infrastructure, would be unaffected.
  • there is a positive business case for the new station supported by additional rail trips from Twyford Gardens and the surrounding area which would generate an uplift in fare revenue.

Berkeley is committed to working collaboratively with TfL, GWR and Network Rail as well as Wokingham Borough Council and local people to develop the plans for this transformative facility.

Relieving Congestion

The centre of the Twyford currently suffers from traffic congestion and air pollution, which is eroding local character and could impact public health.

Twfyord Gardens can help to address this issue through the creation of a new road linking the A4 via Twyford Gardens to Stanlake Lane. This will provide an alternative route for traffic to avoid the centre of the village, helping to manage congestion.

Alongside this improvement Twyford Gardens would provide genuine alternatives to private car use through providing the railway station as well as creating convenient, safe and attractive routes for cycling and walking.